Forest Woods condo – Gift Your Kids a Property They Will Value

You want to give the best to your kids, and that includes food, clothes, health facilities, education and others. When you are planning everything best, why don’t you consider giving them a property that will be best for them? Think of condos like Forest woods that will be their nest for the rest of their life. If you are thinking that why buy property when they can buy one when they grow up and settle then here are few reasons that will explain why buy properties like Forest Woods condo in Lorong Lew Lian.

forest woods condo gift your kids a property they will value

Gift them something that they can value for life

You must have given them millions of gifts throughout their life, but think of something that will be their asset and what can be best than a property? The prices of property are increasing everyday due to inflation. God knows whether it will be possible for them to buy something when they grow up. Instead make an investment now that will be their asset for life.

Leave behind something that will appreciate

It is true that one day you will leave your kids alone. When you will be no more it is obvious that you’ll love to ensure that even in your absence your kids are getting the best, just the way they used to get when you were there. Thus, when you leave a property like Forest woods you are ensuring that they will be living in that environment which you have brought them up.

Good locations are becoming rare

Another good reason for investing in a property is that good locations are being booked and purchased every day. By the time they grow up there will be locations but they will not be as good as it is today. Hence, when you have time in hand why not invest for a property for your kids that will be cherished by them for lifetime.

Why Stars of Kovan is one of the best condominiums?

For quite some time now, Singapore has been the home for several mixed developments in and around the area. One of the latest developments in the city is named as the Stars of Kovan. So how well does it live up to all the hype surrounding its construction? Let’s find out.

Convenient Location

Probably one of the best things about the Stars of Kovan mixed development is the location it is in. It happens to be situated in one of the busiest places in the city. As such, it is always lively and busy. It is further helped by the fact that despite all this, it will still be buffered from all of the incoming road noise from the neighbouring area.

Ease of Access

One of the best features of this mixed development is the fact that it has all the basic amenities needed for living within its close reaches. For instance, it takes around 3 minutes to walk to the nearest MRT station from this place, the Kovan MRT station. There are also tons of bus stands, hospitals, schools and colleges in and around the place as well.

Highlights of the Place

  • All the major shopping centres, supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurants are within a few minutes walking distance from this complex.
  • One of the best primary schools in the city, the “Holy Innocents” is just one train stoppage away from here. Hence, it is an ideal place to stay for families with kids.
  • Expressways are also very close to this area. The Kallang-Paya Expressway is one of the most prominent examples of such an expressway.

So these are some of the reasons why the Stars of Kovan is so promising despite it being in its early development years. If you are interested, you can always go to their site for more details.

Take a look at the salient features of Gem Residences!

If you are searching for a condominium then you should definitely consider Gem Residences. This beautiful housing site located in Toa Payoh has a lot to offer to its residents. If you are interested in buying a housing unit in this place then, you should read on to know more about this residence.

Beautiful housing estate

With its comprehensive and unique design, this condominium is attracting a lot of customers to itself. However, there are several other factors which will make you absolutely sure that you need a housing unit in the Gem residence.

Newly established housing unit in this region after many years

After almost 7 years Evia Real estate and Gamuda Berhad together established this housing unit. Thus, there are a lot of expectations riding on this condominium. It is highly expected that, this estate is going to be very well received by residents.

Location is very convenient for the residents

People like to stay in a place which is quite convenient for them. And Gem Residences Singapore offers just that. Marketing facilities are available in the vicinity of this place and transportation is a piece of cake. You can just walk to the train station which is just a few minutes away from this place. Along with this, you can easily get access to numerous eateries just outside this place.

Special features and details

You can get up to a maximum of 5br and PH here. It is going to be partially furnished for the convenience of the residents. Other than this, you can get a city view from the entire housing unit available inside. It is also going to be one of the most renovated housing estates of its time.

Other Features

Here at Gem residences, you are getting air conditioning rooms, cooker hob or hood and water heater in each of its housing units. Other than this you are getting top class facilities and services like BBQ pits, playground, and car parking in the basement, swimming pool and a 24-hour security system to keep you safe. Thus, do not wait any further and sign up now.

Major Reasons Why You Should Buy Lake Grande Condo

Of course this is not the only residential place we have in the world. There are many more. And you can be sure that the competition is stiff. But there are unique features that make Lake Grande stand out. As a matter of fact it is incomparable to any other. After all the developers of this property are great and their fame have reached the entire world. For having put in place other successful residential. There was a time when they sold all the units belonging to a previous condo, Lake Ville within a single day. This was an over achievement. And it is enough reason why we can`t doubt their work. The homes they made are always of high quality and furnished with quality furniture too. That way you can`t underestimate the property in question.

Behold are the reason why you must buy Lake Grande Condo;

Promising high capital appreciation

At this place capital appreciation is out of question. In fact it is simply automatic. This is because of the upcoming transformation of Jurong East Region. It is the high time you stop living in unproductive parts of the world.

Classic lifestyle

You cannot miss the lifestyle being offered by Lake Grande. This is the place you will be spoilt with fun and recreational activities. Relaxation is the order of the day. This is possible due to the Jurong Gateway with at least four malls in close proximity. A place where to pick your shopping. And even dine with the best dishes and amazing entertainment all at a reasonable price.

World class Hospital advocating for better health and Quality schools

Talking of your body health. It has been put into consideration. The health centers has all the facilities a hospital can ever ask for. And they offer patient centered services. You can be sure to receive all the care that you need in case of a health problem. And the schools are just 1KM away. You cannot afford to miss all this.